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Frequently asked questions

Photography insurance FAQs
  • What is the maximum value I can insure under this policy?
    • We cover photography equipment up to a maximum value of £60,000 in total, with a maximum of £30,000 for portable equipment, subject to the necessary security requirements. The maximum amount for each individual item is £10,000. You can also choose add extra cover to include theft from a stolen vehicle up to a maximum limit of £20,000. Please read the Policy Wording for full details of cover.

    Am I covered if I lose any of my photography equipment?
    • No, our policies only cover your photography equipment against theft and accidental damage.

    Are there any items that are not covered?
    • We cover a wide range of photography and videography equipment, including; cameras, lenses, camera backs, filters, light meters, colour meters, stands and tripods, viewfinders, cases, videos and audio equipment, props, portable lighting equipment, Steadicams, thermal imaging equipment and accessories. Laptops, desktop computers and printers are covered as long as they are primarily used in conjunction with other photography equipment. Batteries, leads, cables, film, discs, or software are not included.

      Drones and associated equipment is not covered under this policy. For drone insurance, we recommend Insure4Drones, which is part of the Ripe Group.

    If I take my photography equipment abroad, am I still covered?
    • You can select optional worldwide or EU cover when you get a quote, which will cover you whilst abroad, for up to 60 days in any one period of insurance. If you do not select this option, your cover will be limited to the UK only.

    Are there any security requirements for where the equipment is kept?
    • Yes, there are some security requirements for the location where you store your photography equipment, both in the home/premises and in a vehicle. Find out more.

    Are tablets and mobile phones included?
    • Yes, you can select additional cover to include mobile phones and tablets under this policy. See Our Cover for full details.

    Do I need to provide proof of ownership in the event of a claim?
    • Yes. You will need to provide the original sales purchase or till receipt or other evidence, such as bank/credit card statements or valuations from a dealer, along with photographs of the photography equipment. The evidence of ownership must clearly show the date, price paid and details of the photography equipment.

    Do I need Employers’ Liability insurance for my photography business?
    • Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have any employees and you may be fined if you do not have the correct cover in place. Find out more about Employers’ Liability insurance.

    Can I just get Public Liability cover?
    • Of course! We specialise in providing speedy Public Liability only quotes. Get a quick quote.

    How much Public Liability insurance do I need?
    • Generally, there isn’t a set limit and it will depend on the type of photography you specialise in and the risks that your work might include. Semi-professional and professional photographers may work at particular events where a certain limit is required. For example, a wedding venue may insist that you have at least £5m worth of cover in place. You can choose an amount that suits you, from £1m, £2m, £5m and £10m. It’s probably a good idea to check with your clients and customers to see if they have any particular requirements. You can always amend your cover with us later, just contact us and we’ll take care of it.

    Can I add extra cover to my policy later?
    • Absolutely. We appreciate that your requirements might change from time-to-time, which is why we’ve made it easy to add and remove cover. Simply contact us and we’ll make the changes you need, hassle-free.

    What should I do if I need to make a claim?
    • If you need to make a claim, please contact our claims department as soon as possible on 0344 274 3270 or by email. Please see making a claim for further information.

    Who are Ripe?
    • We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in niche insurance products. Nearly 250,000 policyholders have already chosen Ripe for their sports, leisure, personal and business insurance. Our fresh approach to insurance is all about making insurance easy-to-buy, simple-to-understand, jargon-free and excellent value. We ensure that our insurance practices not only meet but exceed the standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving our customers a clear understanding of our insurance products and providing a first-class insurance service. Find out about how we do things differently.

    What is the Ripe Guarantee?
    • At Ripe we take good care of you with great cover and exceptional service at the right price. Click here to find out more.

    Can I pay monthly?
    • We offer a variety of payment options. If it suits you to pay in one lump sum, you can choose to pay this by a single Direct Debit from your bank, or by Credit or Debit card. Alternatively, you can pay in monthly instalments. Select the ‘Pay monthly’ option at check out, pay the deposit and we’ll take the remaining balance over 9 instalments.

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