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Park Home Insurance

Park Home Insurance

Specialist park home insurance

If you live in a park home, it’s important that you’re fully protected should the worst happen. For example, what if someone broke into your park home and stole your most prized possessions? What if a bad storm hit and caused severe damage? Without insurance, incidents like this could leave you substantially out of pocket. That’s why our park home insurance is designed to protect you and your park home.

Why do I need park home insurance?

Not only are you understandably protective of your park home, you know it can be expensive to repair as well. So, if your park home gets damaged due to an accident or bad weather, you could have to pay out a lot of money on repairs. Our insurance can protect you should something like this happen.

What does park home insurance cover?

Our park home insurance protects against damage caused by storms, floods, theft, or malicious damage. This cover also protects you against water escaping from burst or broken water pipes and can include vermin cover.

You can also protect the contents of your park home as an optional extra. This cover protects your contents against loss or damage up to the value of £75,000.

Accidental damage

Provides cover for the accidental damage of the building (e.g. windows, walls, etc.) and its contents (e.g. carpets, electrical items and upholstery).

Mobility scooter cover

Provides cover for theft, loss and damage to your class 2 or class 3 mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs while in and away from the home.

Hot tub cover

Provides cover for damage to hot tubs when left outside of the park home, including damage or loss caused by storms or theft.

Protected no claims bonus

Your no claims bonus will not be reduced should you make a claim. However, this option is only available if you’ve built up at least three years of no claims bonus.

How much does it cost to insure my park home?

The cost of your insurance will depend on a range of factors, including the value of your park home and its contents and the level of cover you need.

Our park home insurance comes with a range of options, so you’ll only ever have to pay for the cover you need.

Why choose Ripe park home insurance?

  • You can get an online quote for your park home within minutes.
  • All our policies come with the Ripe Guarantee, which means you’ll get great cover and exceptional service at our best price.

Specialist park home insurance coming soon

Here at Ripe, we will soon be offering specialist park home insurance to help protect you and your pride and joy. Check back soon, and you’ll be able to get an online quote within minutes.

In the meantime, you can visit our caravan insurance page to learn more about our cover.

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