The Most Common Caravan Insurance Claims

Your caravan is most likely one of the most expensive investments you ever make. Our research shows that the average cost of a touring caravan is around £12,000, while a brand-new static will set you back at least £25,000.

Unfortunately, as a caravan owner, you’re also likely to encounter at least one problem when it comes to using and looking after your caravan – no matter how careful you are. Issues like theft and damage happen every day.

We’ve looked at the two most common type of claims we receive – theft and damage – to highlight the importance of caravan insurance and why you should consider taking out a policy to protect yourself against such issues.


1. Accidental damage

This is by far the most common type of claim we receive. In fact, accidental damage accounts for around 80% of all our claims in the past year.

Accidental damage is often due to bad weather. For example, we recently spoke with a policyholder whose caravan was struck when the roof of a neighbouring caravan blew off in a storm. Given that so many caravan sites are situated on the UK’s coastline (with its notoriously unpredictable weather), it’s not surprising that storms are a leading cause of accidental damage for caravan owners.

Negligent behaviour from fellow holidaymakers is also a common reason behind accidental damage claims. For instance:

  • One of our policyholders made a claim after their caravan was cracked across the rear when somebody reversed into it.
  • Another claimant had just finished washing the roof of her caravan and was returning it to its parking spot. Despite performing what she believed was a safe U-turn, she encountered a misplaced wheelie bin which collided with the back window of the caravan and smashed it.

There’s also a danger of issues occurring while driving with a touring caravan. Indeed, this summer, one of our customers was shaken when the passenger-side wheel of his caravan came loose on a busy road.

The above examples demonstrate just how important it is to take out robust damage cover for your caravan. There are also steps you can take to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. For example, checking your tyre pressures – read our recent article on tyre pressure safety to find out more.


2. Theft

Sadly, caravan owners are targets for opportunistic theft and planned robberies. Unscrupulous characters will look to take advantage of your property because they know it’s left unattended for parts of the year. As such, theft is the second most common type of claim we receive.

Caravan accessories, such as awnings, are a key focus as they’re often expensive and quite easy to sell on the second-hand market. One of our customers was recently shocked to discover that, upon returning to his caravan’s storage site this summer, a window had been forcibly opened and his awning taken. The caravan was fully locked, while the storage facility was secured with two separate gates. What’s more, the thief blocked the caravan’s alarm sensor during the robbery, showing the sophisticated nature of the operation. Without insurance, the claimant would have had to cough up for a new awning, worth hundreds of pounds.

Aside from awnings, it’s likely that your static home will act as storage for items like bicycles while they’re not in use. Having such items in your caravan gives thieves yet another reason to come sneaking around the property looking for something valuable to steal.


Touring caravan theft

Worryingly, touring caravan theft (that is, theft of the entire caravan) is a growing crime in the UK. Thousands of caravans are stolen every year – such as the touring caravan that was stolen from a couple’s driveway in broad daylight. What’s more, many experts have predicted that the problem is likely to increase due to continued spikes in people choosing a staycation over a trip abroad.

We recently put together this blog which includes lots of useful hints and tips on how to protect your caravan from theft. We highly recommend giving it a read and putting our recommendations into practice, if you haven’t already. 


Specialist caravan insurance from Ripe Caravans

Our unpackaged policies are bespoke to you and your caravan and don’t just protect against theft and damage. We also provide public liability cover and offer additional options when you put together your quote online. Find out more by clicking on the link above or get an instant online quote now. 

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