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Taking the leap to become your own boss can be a daunting one, but we also know it’s the result of years of hard work and often a lifelong dream. For any new business, the first few months can be both exciting and a little confusing at times. So, it’s nice to know that someone’s on your side, especially when it comes to your business insurance.

You already know about exposure, aperture and ISO. But, when it comes to your Public Liability, Professional Indemnity or Equipment cover, do you know what really matters? We’ve broken it down for you here, jargon-free, so you can decide exactly what’s right for you and your business to make sure you’ve got the protection you need...

Public Liability insurance

Covers your costs, expenses and legal liabilities for any incidents that cause injury to people or damage to third party property, as a result of your actions as a photographer. You’ll have a lot of interaction with clients, customers and members of the public, so this is an essential piece of cover.

Equipment Cover

Your equipment is an expensive bit of kit, and without it you wouldn’t be able to make a living. Equipment cover will protect all your cameras and equipment up to the value of £60,000 from theft and accidental damage.

Professional Indemnity

Covers your legal costs and expenses as well as any damages or costs that may be awarded, if one of your clients suffers a financial or professional loss due to negligence in your work. If you’re going to be working with corporate clients or businesses, we’d recommend taking out this cover.

Employers' Liability

With Employers’ Liability insurance you’ll be protected from any compensation claims following accidental bodily injury or illness to any current or former employees, caused whilst working for you. Unless you have employees, this isn’t one to worry about.

Legal Expenses Cover

Covers the cost of any legal expenses and preliminary legal steps you might become involved in through your photography business. The cover includes: contract disputes, debt recovery, tax disputes, criminal prosecution defence, jury service, social media defamation and access to a legal and tax helpline.

Associates Cover

This will extend any cover you choose when taking out a policy to those working, helping or volunteering for you only whilst working on a shoot. For example, if you take out equipment cover and they accidentally damage a piece of your equipment, you’ll be covered for the damage.

With specialist start-up photography insurance from Ripe, you can pick and choose your own policy options, so you only ever pay for the cover you need. Plus, get a quote today and get 10% discount as part of our introductory offer.

Did you know you can claim back the cost of your insurance as a business expense?

As a sole trader or limited company photographer there’s a number of costs that you can claim back to reduce your tax bill, one of them being the cost of your business insurance.

In our blog, a quick and simple guide to tax returns for photographers we run through some of the costs you could be claiming for and how they can affect your bottom line.

Check out our blog to find out more.

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